Visit Sandhelm by minting one of 9,999 programatically generated and verified utility token NFTs
More than 15 Quadrillion Possible Combinations.
Supply: 9,999   |   Mint Date: Nov. 15, 2021, 8:00 PM EST   |   Mint Price: @0.07 ETH


The Heroes of Sandhelm

NFT Collection

Select up to 12 per Wallet

@0.07 ETH + gas

Note: If you do not have a wallet installed, you will not see a "Connect Wallet" button, above.
We recommend using MetaMask.
Mobile Users: Access your MetaMask app FIRST, then click on Browser and go to:

Your Sandhelm NFT Collection

After purchasing NFTs from this collection, your NFTs will be written to the blockchain and will then appear below. These will also link to OpenSea, where you will be able to view your NFT's properties, view the collection, and buy / sell / trade your NFTs.

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